How To Sell & Buy


Want to Sell on Miakwamia?

Here is how to;

Account Registration.

To sell or buy on Miakwamia registerfor an an account using your email or facebook. Kindly ensure all your contactinformation is well captured for effective communication with your clients.

2. Items to sell.

Make sure you have clear photos ofwhat you are selling.

3. Click on Sell Button

After choosing on the product orservice category and armed with your clear photos, upload them and do a cleardescription of the items/services you are selling. Lastly enter the price, payand select submit. Your advert will be reviewed and approved.

4. After Approval!

Once your advert is approved it willbe published on Miakwamia. A notification will be forwarded to you to informyou that your product is live. We have only one package for all our customers.At Miakwamia all customers are treated equally and accorded the same priority.

Want toBuy on Miakwamia?

1. Item search

Using the search panel find for theitems/services that you need.

2. Contact the seller.

To reach out to the seller use theseller’s contact information or chat them on Miakwamia. Agree on the price andclose the business.

3. Delivery

It’s always good business practiceto do due diligence before buying by screening the sellers at least twice orthrice. Make sure you meet at a public place and once you collect your itemmake the payment.

4. Feedback and Reviews

To enhance our credibility andreputation kindly tell us your experience about the purchase.  All reviews are published online on thepurchased item to help buyers.


At Miakwamia we are committed to ensure buyer safety isguaranteed. In the unfortunate event that you have any problems kindly reportto us. We will act swiftly.

Very Important,Never pay in advance, always meet in a public place, always confirm indeed theitem that you ordered for is what you are paying for and lastly always pay theseller after collecting your items.


What happens next after I post my ad?


  1. Our moderators / customer care team will review your ad very carefully and if all the fields are filled out correctly, it will be activated shortly.
  2. You can find your advert on our website only when it is approved.
  3. You will get a notification email when your advert is active. If there is something wrong with your advert, you will be notified about that and all the mistakes will be specified so that you can edit your advert correspondingly.
  4. After publishing your advert, you can edit it again if needed and repost. Once done, your advert undergoes moderation before being activated on the website.  
  5. You can delete or close your advert any time you want. You just have to click on Close button placed under the ad or click on the cross placed on the top right corner of the ad.
  6. You shouldn’t publish adverts of the same content. They will be considered duplicates by our moderators and won’t go active on the website.
  7. You can always manage your ads by logging in to your account and clicking on My Adverts.


Which rules / regulations are followed when postind ads?


Following rules are to be followed while you are posting adverts on MiakwaMia.com:

  1. Every advert must have a clear & precise title.
  2. Every advert should contain only unique images ( should be taken by the seller and not downloaded from the Internet) without any contact information or watermarks.
  3. Every advert of cars or phones must contain images.
  4. Make sure you chose an appropriate category. Be attentive choosing a category for a job proposal and/or a resume.
  5. The prices of your items must correspond to the real prices of similar products.
  6. All posted products and/or services must be located in Kenya.
  7. All items and products must be legally permitted.
  8. Each item for sale must be posted separately. You cannot post several products within one and the same advert.
  9. Every advert must contain a brief and clear description.


How long will my ads stay on the miakwamia.com platform?


Your ads remain on the site for 1-3 months (since the date of the last update) before they are automatically deleted or until you decide to deactivate them. Please note that you can update your ad if you haven’t sold your item.


What does "ads limit" mean?


Ads limit defines the number of available listings in a particular category.


Which items are prohibited on MiakwaMia.com ?


Users shall comply with all applicable laws, our Terms of Use, and all posted Platform rules and policies.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of goods and services promotion of which is prohibited on miakwamia.com in Kenya:

  1. Narcotics, steroids, and any drugs or medications that require a prescription from a licensed medical specialist
  2. Weapons
  3. Restricted military/police items
  4. Human organs
  5. Illegal/pirated copies
  6. Stolen property
  7. Code grabbing and lock picking devices
  8. Electronic equipment prohibited by the law
  9. Sexually-oriented services
  10. Loans, money transactions, Bitcoin
  11. Multi-level marketing, pyramid, and matrix programs
  12. Network marketing and “Home Base Business” jobs
  13. Products (goods or services) prohibited to sell by the law, in particular:
    • Food, processed food, water, soft drinks, spirit drinks, medical devices, drugs, drug products, cosmetics, chemicals, agrochemicals, pesticides, veterinary drugs, or other goods if they have not been registered with the National Agency for Food & Drug Administration and Control (the “NAFDAC”) or other relevant authority of Kenya;
    • Any goods, sale, distribution, or advertising of which is banned or restricted by the NAFDAC or any other relevant authority of Kenya;
    • Any goods, sale, distribution or advertising of which is prohibited by applicable legislation of Kenya;
    • Any goods that do not comply with standards and quality requirements imposed on such goods by applicable legislation of Kenya;
    • Any goods that are represented on the label or described as a treatment, preventative, or cure for diseases, disorders, or abnormal physical states specified by applicable legislation of Kenya.
  14. Trophies and wildlife specimens (including but not limited to ivory artifacts and pangolin parts) in relation to which trade is prohibited by applicable legislation.

If you have noticed any announcements promoting Prohibited Items on miakwamia.com, please report them via the “Report Abuse” link available in each posting.


How do I buy items on miakwamia.com ?


To enjoy shopping on miakwamia.com, you need to follow our simple guide:

    1. Search for the item

    Use a search panel with filters and find what you need. We have over a million adverts, so you can choose exactly what you are looking for.

    2. Contact a seller

    You may chat on miakwamia.com or call the seller via phone and set up a meeting face to face, discuss some details or negotiate about the price.

    3. Take your item or order a delivery

    We check our sellers carefully, but it's always better to check twice, right? Meet with the seller in a public place and be sure to pay only after you get the item.

    4. Leave your feedback about the seller

    Feel free to tell us about your experience: write your feedback on the seller's page. Other buyers will thank you one day ;)